Work / John Barnicoat

The late John Barnicoat (1924-2013) was an artist known for his work in a variety of different formats including – oils on canvas and panel, temperas on paper, works on paper in pen and ink, conté and acrylic.

I was hired to create a website to showcase his work to enable it to live on. After photographer Queenie Waterman captured the collection, I designed and built the website to act as an online gallery.

Artist Website Design

Artist Website Design - Smartphone View

Artist Website Design - Homepage


“Jack Morrell is an exceptional web designer with a professional approach. Jack will guide you step by step through the daunting process of designing your website. You will have a smooth ride from start to finish and your wishes and desires will be met with calm professionalism. I cannot recommend Jack highly enough.”

Allie Barnicoat